2nd Qualifying Competition

Friday and Saturday. Two days for the “NGF 2nd Qualifying Competition for Rhythmic Gymnastics from Level 1 to Senior”. I was to spend Friday afternoon and evening here to watch Hanna compete in Level 2.

Most of you have heard the music and seen the dances already on this blog. Maybe this post is only for the grandmothers…


The audience was there…WRC2_02

…the medals were waiting…WRC2_03

…and Level 1 girls were almost finished.WRC2_04

Last rehearsal for Level 2. First Hoop…

…and then Ball. Hanna easy to identify in her black and pink track suit.WRC2_05

Hanna waiting in concentration for…

…her first routine – Ball.WRC2_06

Hanna’s friend in same level and age group – Liza-Mari ready for…

…the Hoop,

And then – Hanna with the Hoop.WRC2_07

After all girls had done their routines it was a nervous waiting for the prize giving.WRC2_08

Hanna was so glad and proud to win both Ball and Hoop and to get the Gold medal for her level and age group. And Liza-Mari got a Bronze!WRC2_09

Hanna’s school-mates were also doing well. Romy got a Silver in Level three and Shannon got a Bronze!WRC2_10

Well done girls!


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