Botswana in 9 days – No 2; Into the Delta

Time for water. We had left Maun in a motor boat.


The Delta is full of Water Lillies…Botswana2_08

…and birds. The Lilac-breasted Roller is the national bird of Botswana.


After an hour of speed-boating we reached the Mokoro station. The rest of the trip was to be slower.Botswana2_10

Via the Old Bridge lodge we had booked the “luxury all-inclusive” Mokoro experience.


There is a whole village built around mokoro tourism and it is all managed by the people living in the village. We took a quick tour…Botswana2_12

…meeting this pretty girl…Botswana2_13

…and finding the “Tuck shop” with a gasdriven fridge = cold beer!Botswana2_14

Soon it was time to continue. The skies were still grey but this far no rain…Botswana2_15

What you see above is the “Buffalo Fence”. It constitutes the border between domestic animals south of it and wild-life north of it. It is also a border to keep the “foot-and-mouth disease” away from the meat humans eat.Botswana2_16

Marie and Saga were first with the teamleader and guide Edward as their pooler.Botswana2_17

Me and Hanna had Jerry pooling and he was ever so kind to Hanna, explaining everything we saw and making gifts for her, like this Water-lilly bracelet!Botswana2_18

It was amazing to glide slowly and quietly through the “channels”. Our poolers called them “Hippo highways” because they are actually made by Hippos!


It was not a bad afternoon and it lasted a few hours…Botswana2_20

…until we turned into a small channel leading to our island.Botswana2_21

Our base for three days…Botswana2_22

…and our poolers – Edward, Jerry and Bouca. Botswana2_23

Time for a drink while Saga is…Botswana2_24

…putting braids in Hannas hair.


Since we went for the luxury version our tents were already up us we arrived, beds were made and a whole group of people started preparing our dinner…Botswana2_26

…while Saga did her first attempts in the noble art of pooling a Mokoro.Botswana2_27

Relaxed chatting…

…with the sounds of the Botswana night with thousands of small frogs klicking…


…until we ended our day in comfortable beds in our tents. With clear insytructions to ask for company if we needed to go during the night.Botswana2_29

Animals may walk through the camp…

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7 Responses to Botswana in 9 days – No 2; Into the Delta

  1. C-G Alm says:

    Tror du det skulle vara möjligt för min fru och mig att uppleva detta under en period på 2 – 3 veckor i denna underbara miljö? skulle vara en fantastisk upplevelse för oss. Vi reser, och har rest över hela världen, men inte i denna miljö i centrum av Afrika……

    • Anders says:

      Hej C-G,
      Absolut, på 2-3 veckor kan ni hinna med en hel del av såväl Namibia som Botswana. Finns en mängd varianter att resa på, alltifrån gruppresor i buss via att ha egen kock/driver som kör en runt till att hyra bil och resa på egen hand.
      / Anders

  2. jocke bruzell says:

    som vanligt -SNYGGT JOBBAT!
    Skriver Du något i bokväg eller så…
    hälsar jockeb
    frekvent resenär bl a i SydAfrika.

  3. jocke bruzell says:

    SNYGG JOBBAT som vanligt…
    Skriver Du något fortfarande?
    Jag jobbar med manuskript om LILLEJUL-kul men omfattande.
    hälsar jocke b

    • Anders says:

      Hej Jocke,
      Ska det handla om Lillejular på F6 då? Kan säkert bli väldigt trevligt. Jag “managerade” de sista 4 Lillejularna på F5 och det var fantastiskt roligt. Inklusive att skriav drapor! Skrev faktiskt en drapa åt F10 också.
      Må gott

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