Botswana in 9 days – No 7a; To Third Bridge


We were up verly early. No breakfast, just into the cars and go. Because of the recent rains there was a new road from Xakanaxa to Third Bridge. It was not on our GPS´s but it was dry.Botswana7a_02

The time before sunrise is nice and a good time to see animals. Above Impala…Botswana7a_03

…and here a shy Kudu.Botswana7a_04

More Impalas as the sun was coming up.

I think this is a Saddle-billed Stork…Botswana7a_06

…and this too, although the colours of the body differs.Botswana7a_07

After an hour or so we reached the “4th Bridge”…


…and it was easy to pass. Botswana7a_09

Shortly afterwards we saw a few Wildebeest with a herd of Impalas.Botswana7a_10

They are beautiful! Botswana7a_11

Above is the “3rd Bridge” as seen from the other side. As you can see it is partly below the water surface. We drove to the 3rd Bridge camping which looked very nice and a bit similar to our camping at Xakanaxa.

Video is from passing the 3rd Bridge the second time on our way back.Botswana7a_12

The Wildebeest again…Botswana7a_13

…and a Yoga Class in Moremi Park!Botswana7a_14

Passing the 4th Bridge for the second time.Botswana7a_15

Back close to Xakanaxa we stopped to watch these Hippos…Botswana7a_16

…enjoying the swim and showing off just a little bit more than only ears and nostrils.Botswana7a_17

A Water Buck with its characteristic “target ringed butt”…Botswana7a_18

…crossed our track shortly before returning to camp. Breakfast time!

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