College of the Arts Youth Choir

We were lucky to get hold of tickets for a choir concert last Thursday. We went to COTA – College Of The Arts:

“The College of the Arts seeks to empower all Namibians to build, promote, and develop a unique identity through arts education in performing arts, media arts and visual arts through various courses, projects and workshops.”

COTA has a Youth Choir with ambitions. Students from all secondary schools in the greater Windhoek area and also young working people have the opportunity to audition for the choir, which requires singers between the ages of 16 and 23. The choir give concerts in Windhoek and at the coast and also performs at many state occasions such as the Opening of Parliament or the opening of SADC conferences.

This year the choir will go to an international choir competition in the USA and they are now busy rehearsing and sometimes with an audience. Here are a few samples of what we saw and heard:

We hope to see more of this choir and wish them the best of luck “over there”!

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