Gym competition “dress rehearsal”


Next weekend Windhoek Rhythmic Club will host the 2nd Qualifying Competition for Rhythmic Gymnastics from Level 1 to Senior. The event will take place in the new “Blue Hall” of WRC and today was the “dress rehearsal”.


The new Hall is ready!WRC03

The judges are ready!WRC04

And Hanna is ready! Unfortynately her dad was not so there is no movie of her Hoop routine”…WRC05

…but instead a few…WRC06

…photos of some of the other…WRC07

…talented girls.WRC08

Today all girls had a chance to get that last training in front of judges…WRC09

…that were also able…WRC10

…to give those last suggestions for improvement.WRC11

I and Hanna only stayed for her training, to see Hoop…
WRC12…and Ball routines. Here is Hanna:


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7 Responses to Gym competition “dress rehearsal”

  1. Anna Sternfeldt says:

    I notice all judges are white. So the societey is rather segregated?

  2. Anders says:

    That is a truly terrible comment Anna. You are so wrong. I don’t see a row of white judges – I see a row of dedicated and competent people.

    Why would colour of skin be a criteria in choosing judges? Think again!

    • Anna Sternfeldt says:

      Oh dear Anders, you took it in the wrong way, I didn’t mean at all in the way you think. I am sure these people are dedicated, absolutely!!! And competence has nothing at all to do with the skin from my point of view, and that is absolutely not what I meant, you misunderstood. I am just curious to get to know how the society is. So it was just a question about if it is still rather segregated, as I know the history. This is not about any kind of judgement, I am just interested in how things are. I am so sorry it came out in a such a wrong way. Dear Anders, I didn’t mean anything bad at all! I am so sorry.

  3. Wietsa Snyman says:

    Hi to You. Just for interest sake our Namibian highest qualified Judge(Brevet) Britt Adonis is a young black lady from Walvis Bay and currently at the Common Wealth Games in Glasgow. Our Namibian Federation supported her financially to attend the Course in London and we are very proud of her. Anders, thank you for putting Rhythmic Gymnastics on the blog. WRC parents are now eager to get more info Wietsa

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