Hoanib 6 – River bed to the coast


Early Sunday morning, first day of March…

Coast drive_50km

…and we were doing a drive of some 50 km towards the coast. Ahead of us was a drive from the camp, in and along the river bed all the way to the Skeleton coast. We had a quick breakfast and…


…then we were off. It was cool and misty as we started our drive that morning…

…in the river bed…


…as the sun came up…Hoanib_6_04

…giving light to the giraffe who came down to wish us luck and…Hoanib_6_05

…showing us more examples of the great powers the Hoanib in flood had a month ago…Hoanib_6_06

…but also showing more examples of the effect of water in the desert. Just look at that lush piece of grass growing in the sand!Hoanib_6_07

Further towards the coast the river bed was not as deep and then…Hoanib_6_08

…we saw the first of those amazing “desert elephants”; today only found in Mali and Namibia! Above is looking north with the rising sun to the right, and…Hoanib_6_09

…this is looking south with Springbok and Oryx.Hoanib_6_10

Straight ahead was a big Elephant bull. He was not too keen of us coming his way and…Hoanib_6_11

…suddenly turned towards us and charged at full speed. Gert, our driver, quickly turned the car around but the bull continued running after us for quite some time. I blame the blurry photo partly on the speed of the car, partly on my pulse!

Finally, he stopped but was clearly not intending to have us continue our drive.Hoanib_6_13

Behind the bull’s eye you can see a dark streak. As male elephants go into a state of musth (triggered by the presence of females) they secrete a pungent liquid from this gland. Seeing this is usually a sign they are not very friendly.Hoanib_6_14

Further north were other Elephants in different sizes and ages…Hoanib_6_15

…and we saw these Giraffes with Elephants in the background. Most probably friendly animals but the “raging bull” forced us…


…to find a track circumnavigating our frustrated Elephant. We managed and moved on to the next part of our trip…

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