Sun was getting low and it was time for the last visit for the day. The lions. I did not have to high expectations. Throwing meat to some sleepy big cats in a cage…

Walking out of the car I could not be anything but impressed though. The lion is an amazing thing. A male lion can weigh 250 kg. No doubt they call him the king.

We met one king and his two queens. The lion differs from all other cats in that they are very social and normally lives in groups.

Here at N/a’an ku sê they have five lions but the two males did not get along too well so one male and one female has been separated from these three.

These cats put on quite some show for us. Between them and us was a very short distance but two separated fences. To stop us from getting too close to each other…

The male certainly was not this calm during all of our visit.

They were so beautiful, I could not stop taking photos.

He was so majestic…

…and she held her paw like if she so wanted to use it on us.

As I said we got quite a lot of action as well…


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5 Responses to Lion

  1. Lars says:

    Hej broder, allt väl? Måste säga att du verkar uppleva det mesta och bästa av Namibia – jobbar ni aldrig???

    Ang huset i gamla Svedala – jag har pratat med en del vänner som kanske är intresserade av att hyra under er tid i Afrika. Vad har ni tänkt för hyra?

    Ha en bra helg, fortsätt blogga!

  2. Lisa Ellerstrand says:

    Hejsan, vilka bilder!!! jag skulle också vilja se alla dessa underbara djur på riktigt och så nära( är allt lite avundsjuk )men med de fina bilderna du tar så känns det nästan som man är där! Hörde att du kommer hem till pappas födelsedag, Vi är på semester 12-28 juni, hoppas verkligen vi hinner träffas innan du åker igen! Ha det fortsatt gott kram Lisa

  3. Anders says:

    Aj då, jag som särskilt sett till att vara hemma på din födelsedag, men åker 27:e…

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