Prep school awards at St George’s

Tuesday morning 26 December. School year is just about to end and it is time for the awards at St George’s Diocesan School.


This is something we are not used to from Sweden. With the Scandinavian “Law of Jante” it is not quite appropriate to pay attention to individual achievements.

We started by singing the St George’s school song. Also a bit non-Scandinavian…

This day was awarding grade 1 to 3 and in these lower grades everyone gets an award, an appreciation for the work they put in during the school year. There a lots of different kinds of awards to suit the individual achievements. So non-Scandinavian… But I like it!Award02

With Hanna in grade 3 we had to wait a while but her turn came. Award03

Awards for Academic Achievements to Henrik, Shannyn, Hanna, Michelle and Vihape.Award04

And a nice photo by my friend, the professional photographer Simon Wilkie, Mubasen Film & Video Productions.Award05

Hanna was very glad for the book prize!Award06

In the tent was this easel and in the bottom right corner is a drawing by Hanna so…Award07

…to our surprise Hanna was called for a second award! Award in “Art & Pottery” to Ekujami, Mushili and Hanna.

Again a nice photo by my friend, the professional photographer Simon Wilkie, Mubasen Film & Video Productions. Award09

And a nice box of Oil Pastels!Award10

Final words by the Head of Prep School; Mr Dawie Leibbrandt. Award11

Thanks Dawie and thanks to all the teachers. You are doing a great job at St George’s Prep School!Award12

And Michelle and Hanna are very proud and happy!

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