Song and music evening

Saturday evening. We had a marvelous time in the Dutch Reformed Church in central Windhoek. It began with the College of the Arts (COTA) Youth Choir and here is a selection of their initial songs;

With all videos you can turn on/off HD and/or enlarge the picture.

The COTA Youth Choir is lead by Fanie Dorfling and he is making a wonderful job with these heavenly voices. Here you can here some more;

After the COTA choir it was time for the guests of the evening – the Michaelhouse Boys Choir. Michaelhouse is an Anglican Diocesan College, founded in 1896. It is today an internationally renowned boarding school for senior boys, situated in the South African province KwaZulu-Natal. They started out easy;

The boys continued and were later joined by the Michaelhouse Marimba band. It was a most entertaining show, making this a joyful evening. We all had a hard time sitting still and it was even harder to stop smiling. And towards the end I had already filled 24 GB of memory cards so the grand finale had to be un-documented…

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in arranging and performing!

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3 Responses to Song and music evening

  1. Eva Hallberg says:

    Tack Anders för att du ger oss möjligheten till fortsatt delaktighet!!! Herman ska få se det i kväll när han kommer hem från sommarjobbet som badvakt. Fanie kontaktade mig i förra veckan och vi ser fram emot att få ha COTA i Lund i juli -14.
    Ha en härlig vinter 😉

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