Walvis Bay Nationals – Level 2

This year Hanna has been training and competing in Level 2 with the Hoop and the Ball. From the National Competitions in Walvis Bay we see first the warm-up of Level 2:

…then a few photos of Level 2 girls with the Hoop…

Lvl2_01 Lvl2_02




Then the movie clips…

We continue with the Ball. Pictures first…

Lvl2_03 Lvl2_04



…and then the movie clips:


All the Level 1, 2 and 3 girls lined up for the Prize giving: Lvl2_13

Nervous waiting…Lvl2_14

Windhoek Rhytmic Club were doing really well.Lvl2_15

Level 2 u/10 Hoop…Lvl2_16

…and level 2 u/10 Ball… Lvl2_17

…and Level 2 u/10 overall!Lvl2_18

And the best Level 2 gymnast in Namibia 2014!

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