Windhoek Rhythmic Club Competition Level 1-3

Saturday saw a Club Competition at Windhoek Rhythmic Club. I missed part of the Level 1 and left after Level 3…

Let’s begin with Level 1:

Hanna is in Level 2:

Here is Level 3:

In one of the breaks we were given the opportunity to watch dances of the High Performance gymnasts:

Now we are all looking forward to the National Competition in Walvis Bay  October  and November . See you there!

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3 Responses to Windhoek Rhythmic Club Competition Level 1-3

  1. Jan Weiss says:

    Hanna looked great and I was please and not surprised at the ending photo. Congratulations to Hanna. Hearing the same music over and over again reminded me of attending Lindsey’s performances, although we heard bagpipe tunes!

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  3. Isabel Grobler says:

    Hi van wat se ouderdom mag kleintjies bigen.

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