Windhoek Rhythmic Club – Year End

Thursday evening and we went to the gymnasium at Windhoek High School.


After the National Competitions Hanna started training on “level 2” which means she has now started with the “hoop”.WRC02



Looking good! So let’s see it in motion!

Of course all girls performed:


Here is Hannas school mate Shannyn.WRC06

And here another school friend – Michelle.

Windhoek Rhytmic Club also handed out awards. Best Level 1 gymnast 2013 is… WRC07

Hanna Peterson!

And best Level 4 gymnast 2013 is…

Michelle Koen!WRC09

Hannas teacher wants Hanna to skip Level 2 and move on to Level 3 and she is thinking about it…WRC10

For the moment she is very proud over this award!

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