Colours of spring

I came to Africa in a very rainy season. However it finally stopped raining in May but instead it became very cold. Even freezing cold at times…

Since then it’s been blue skies, a lot of sun, very cold nights slowly becoming nice nights, very nice days slowly becoming very hot days. And with no rain everything turned from green to yellow. I thought it would stay like that until the next rainy season.

I am quite surprised to find that spring time in Africa really is spring time. Nature doesn’t seem to care about lack of water.

Spring time is still the time for life to start growing. So we see exactly the same fresh green as back home in Sweden.

And flowers everywhere although colours are slightly different from back home.

So – here you are. Namibian colors of spring:




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6 Responses to Colours of spring

  1. Sylvia Rosenqvist says:

    Helt underbara bilder.
    Vet Mamma var hon ska söka dem ?
    Hon kämpade med sin Ipad när jag var där i går.

  2. Joakim Sköldebrink says:

    Några helt otroliga växter. Vilka färger!. Jag undrar speciellt över det stora trädet med ljusblå blommor

    hälsningar Joakim

    • Anders says:

      Hej Joakim,

      Det är Jakaranda som blommar så vackert. Jag har läst att de kan blomma i två månader. Till en början kom blommorna på bar kvist men nu börjar träden även få gröna blad.

      Må väl!

  3. Stefan Öhlin says:

    Vilka underbara bilder, du är imponerande som fotograf.

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