Erindi and Old Traders Lodge

Last Thursday we left Windhoek driving north, following the tarred B1 for 130 km. Erindi_01

Turning left there was another 40 km of gravel/sand to the gates of Erindi Game Reserve, a reserve that covers more than 70 000 h!


As you enter you see this sign, warning for wild animals of different species. And on the 25 km to the lodge that day and returning the next, we saw for example:






Blue Wildebeests (Brindled Gnus)…Erindi_07

…and Elephants. By the way, can you spot the giraffe..?Erindi_08

Arriving to the “Old Traders Lodge” we just made it to a quick lunch. The restaurant is situated next to…Erindi_09

…a waterhole/lake…Erindi_10

…with Hippos…Erindi_11

…and Crocodiles and any other game coming for a drink.Erindi_12

Walking around in the lodge you can also spot smaller animals. Above a lizard – there are more than a 100 different lizard species in Namibia, maybe this is a Wedge-snouted desert lizard?Erindi_13

This might be a Yellow Blister Beetle…Erindi_14

…and here a …yellow bird…Erindi_15

…Red-billed Francolin, and…Erindi_16

…as we came to our room and opened the curtains and doors to our outdoor sitting area an elephant approached the waterhole…Erindi_17

…and this is so Namibian. Two and a half hours drive from the capitol city you are in another world!Erindi_18

As the elephant had its drink we saw that we had a short time to spend before the game drive and it was…Erindi_19

…pool time!

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