Grade 4-7 Prizegiving

Tonight was Year End and Prizegiving for St George’s grade 4-7.


Hanna’s teacher, Mrs Fani Khaiseb said Welcome!47Prize_02

We sang the School song; Mrs Khaiseb, Headmaster Riette Hanekom, Rev Archford Musodza and Head of Prep; Mr Dawie Leibbrandt.47Prize_03

Mr Leibbrandt talked about the importance of using the gift of “time” for parents and for the children.47Prize_04

We were in the Pionerspark Dutch Reformed Church, and we started with “Culture Awards”…47Prize_05

…and I and Marie got a surprise, because who is that blurry girl with the silver trophy…47Prize_06

…if not Hanna…

..the Most Promising Drama Student!47Prize_08

I really like this way of ending a school year. After a year of hard work the students get their appreciation. A reward, some time on stage and a warm applause!47Prize_09

Hanna and five of her classmates, all rewarded for…47Prize_10

…achieving at least 80% in the four subjects English, Maths, Science and Social Studies.

Well done Hanna and all the other hard working and talented kids at St George’s. Thanks teachers and other staff. And a Merry Christmas! See you in 2015…


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