Kuiseb Canyon sunset

We had left Gamsberg Pass behind us and reached the end of C26. We were supposed to go left/south but decided to turn right instead towards Walvis Bay.

Just 15 km away, on C14, is a view spot. We wanted to see the Kuiseb Canyon. The Kuiseb River originates near Windhoek but it seldom flows and it does not reach the ocean anymore. Still it is an interesting and important river that divides the Namib desert. South of Kuiseb is a sand desert, north of it a gravel desert. And although there is not much visible water it is an important water source for plants and animals. One or two thousand years ago people travelled along the Kuiseb to the delta near Walvis Bay where early traces of pastoralism can be found.

We did not think much about water and history though. We just enjoyed the low sun and the beautiful light, Saga…


…Marie and myself.

But our detour took us further from our destination and we needed to get there before it was dark so off Pajero…

…with just a few stops to enjoy the beautiful sunset over central Namib desert…

…the oldest desert on earth…

…and a most beautiful place.

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