Walvis Bay – Flamingo


We were staying at Egumbo lodge, overlooking The Walvis Bay Lagoon, one of the richest and most important wetlands in southern Africa.


The lagoon has been here for more than 3000 years and during summer time you can see up to 250 000 birds here.


The Flamingos breed elsewhere in Africa but feed in the Walvis Bay wetlands. The Greater Flamingo has only two breeding places in southern Africa – the Makgadikgadi pans in north-eastern Botswana and Etosha in northern Namibia.


The Lagoon is one of the best flamingo viewing localities in the world, and attracts bird-watchers and visitors from around the world.


Greater (the most widespread of Flaminogos) and Lesser Flamingos (most numerous flamingo) are found in Walvis Bay.

Flamingo07 Flamingo08 Flamingo09

You can see Flamingos in Walvis Bay all year round although the numbers will vary.

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