Africa Safari Lodge – Day 2

Africa Safari Lodge outside Mariental is a good place to spoil yourself – and we did!


Relaxing by the pool, getting massages…ASLII_02

…enjoying a lunch…ASLII_03

…or reading a book.ASLII_04

Late in the afternoon me and the girls went for a game drive. Above two Ostriches.ASLII_05

This used to be a hunting farm and there is a lot of game on a very large area. Above and below…

…is Eland. The largest antelope in Namibia.ASLII_07

We had seen several giraffes from the lodge but on our game we only saw one.ASLII_08

The Kudu, one of my favourites…

…was on the run, as were the…ASLII_10

…Black Wildebeests. (I know they are brown, but the black ones are called Blue Wildebeest…)


And, of course, no game drive without a sundowner.

Yes, Hanna the sun is setting.


So, Saga, let’s go back to the lodge….

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