At work – second part was Approach control

One of the categories in this blog is “At work“. The second task in Namibia was to assist DCA in making ATS able to begin surveillance operations for approach control.

Below are links to blog posts written during this second part (first is here) (click on head-lines, not on photos!):

2012 training has started

After the Christmas leave we started with system training again for four…

First NEXT-2 exam 2012

…and then more training and another exam.

Exam and start of training

And training continued…

Hangar talk

Hangar talk is a good way of exchanging information – pilots and air traffic control.

Another NEXT-1 exam

And we continued the training, now also with the aim to start APP surveillance…

Latest NEXT-1 exam

The last of the Area controllers on his way…

Early morning at work

And sometimes work is not just work…

NEXT-2 exam number 15

The fifteenth Area Surveillance controller!

Preparations for surveillance APP

Parallel with all that training there was also a lot of other work being done…

Validation of Mr Mloki

The sixteenth surveillance Area controller!

Jet wings at Walvis Bay

And to prepare for later parts of the project there was a visit to the coast…

Prop wings at Walvis Bay

With some nice opportunities for aircraft photography.

Birds view of Namibia

There is not much flying in this job but when you get the chance…

Ondangwa airport

And it is nice to visit a more distant air traffic control in this vast country.

Visit from Botswana

At work we are neighbors with the Government Hangars…

Eros Airport

The ATC center is based on Eros airport. With an interesting historical background…

Hosea Kutako old terminal building

The international airport east of Windhoek also has some history to tell…

First APP exam

With the first APP exam we were getting really close to our second big goal but there was also forces against us…

Seven Approach Controllers

With seven validated Approach controllers we were almost ready and it was time for a new Hangar talk.

The APP puzzle

Not many hours left but still a few question marks…

Surveillance Approach in Windhoek TMA

We did it again!

Busy week for ICAO

With operations running there was still a need for more trained controllers…

Two more surveillance APP controllers

…and more…

The farewell braii…

Fredrik, Tanja and Peter decided to leave Namibia. Fredrik was first to go…

ICAO team in September

..but the five of us continued the work…

Time to say goodbye

…and soon it was the last day at work for Tanja and Peter as well…

…leaving the three of us remaining to look into the next phase of the project.

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