At work – fifth part was being an ANS Expert

There are blog posts from my work for ICAO in Namibia. They are grouped:

  • The first part included the work to start surveillance operations at Area Control.
  • The second part included the work to start surveillance operations at Approach Control.
  • The third part was the transfer of skills to DCA/ATS
  • The fourth part was advice to DCA managment
  • The fifth – and last – part below started in November 2013 as I got a new contract. According to the old contract I was an ICAO Air Traffic Controller and an “OPAS – Operative Assistant” but the new contract made me an advisor for the Air Navigation Services Provider in Namibia. Links to posts from this last period (click on head-lines, not on photos!):

Wednesday Pizza Lunch


A nice new concept of tranferring knowledge

Thank You Tim!


ICAO lost a Project Coordinator. Namibia lost more…

GATS – Falcon 900


A flight with a nice aircraft

Katima Mulillo airport


A small airport in the far northeast

Katima Mulilo ATS


An old tower and a new tower

Air Navigation Services Safety Oversight


Finally this function is being created!

Air Namibia AMO Certificate


The approval – the proof of compliance!

Wednesday Pizza Lunch – Part 2


More transfer of knowledge!

Incident investigations


These investigations into ATS-related incidents were long overdue when I got the task.



Unfortunately more ICAO staff was leaving the project

Turning final

2015_Turning final

The end is in sight and this post looked back at the last year or so…

Safety first


A post on safety-related tasks during my last weeks in Namibia

Information from ICAO in Namibia


Performance Based Navigation – and Namibia Civil Aviation Authority! Hear all about it…

A project for safety at Eros

2015_Eros safety

There is a need for improved safety at Windhoek’s city airport…

Last workday in Namibia


Everything comes to an end…

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