Aviation in Sweden

My Swedish PPL had expired and my flying hours in Namibia had no value for the Swedish Authorities. So it was time for a flight!


I hoped to do it in this beauty; the old SAAB Safir, but practicalities instead…Flyg02

…put me in the Piper Cherokee. As you can see the weather was not perfect…Flyg03

…but Olof decided to approve me after I found my way in spite of clouds and poor visibility. Olof is an extremely experienced pilot and also a former colleague of mine. Thanks Olof for finding the time to help me out!


Another day I visited ATCC Malmö – now part of NUAC; nordic unified air traffic control.Flyg05

My Supervisor colleagues seemed happy. I’m not sure if it was because I will stay away for some more time…   😉


When I do return I also hope to get my rating re-validated here at sector 5 of ATCC Malmö. It is really good to have such a nice working place waiting back home!

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