Botswana in 9 days – No 7b; Paradise Pools

In the afternoon we had a visitor. It was probably the Marula-eating Elephant from the ablution building.


This is really the difference between camping in Namibia and in Botswana. We were a bit nervous…

…because streaming temporal glands as can be seen on this bull (dark behind the eyes) is typically not a good sign of an Elephant in a good mood…Botswana7b_03

…but this Gentleman walked politely by without showing us too much interest. Botswana7b_04

Other guests included this…Botswana7b_05

…beauty passing by.


I believe it is a male (because of the black bill) African Grey Hornbill…Botswana7b_07

…while this could be a Red-billed Hornbill. Late that afternoon we left camp for a short excursion to a place with the romantic name “Paradise Pools” where we saw…Botswana7b_08

…the African Sacred Ibis…Botswana7b_09

…and the Hamerkop or Hammerhead.


This area, only a few kilometres east of Xakanaxa air strip is beautiful. After pasing an open area with large dead trees you come to the perimeter of reed-filled swamps, where you can expect to see Antelopes and if you are lucky Lions or Leopards. We were not that lucky…Botswana7b_11

…but the area was mosr enjoyable, especially with the sun going low…Botswana7b_12

…and this herd of Red Lechwe…Botswana7b_13

…gave life to the landscape.Botswana7b_14

I think the Red Lechwes against the yellow-green reeds…


…makes a  stunning sight!Botswana7b_16

This squirrel was also very cute!Botswana7b_17

Back at camp it was time for the last dinner in Moremi…Botswana7b_18

…for all of us…Botswana7b_19

…and we were given a magic last night…Botswana7b_20

…with another one of those fantastic African starry night skies.

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3 Responses to Botswana in 9 days – No 7b; Paradise Pools

  1. Matilda Lann says:

    Hej Anders,

    Jag är frilansjournalist och på väg till Namibia i september i år. Jag letar efter spännande svenskar att intervjua. Hittade ingen mejladress, så jag skriver här. Har scrollat igenom din blogg och tycker att det du gör verkar superspännande. Går det att komma i kontakt?

    Matilda Lann

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