Botswana in 9 days – No 8 and 9; Going home

Last morning in Moremi. During the night we had heard Hippos very close…


…and as we went up before the sun, we saw their tracks just a few meters from the tents, but…Botswana8_02

…it was the day before Easter and the Easter bunny must also have been up very early!Botswana8_03

Another beautiful day ahead of us, but we were now on our way back home. Breakfast and packing.Botswana8_04

Leaving camp we again had a few Elephant encounters and at one point even decided to back away to leave more room.Botswana8_05

Passed Xakanaxa airstrip at 9 which was too late to see Leopards (someone else saw one here at 7…) but in time to see Safari Airs Gippsland GA8 Airvan (built in Australia)…Botswana8_06

…taking off. We drove on to South Gate, continued to Maun to fill up fuel and then to…Botswana8_07

…Ghanzi where we found the Tautona Lodge. Looked very fancy and way too expensive but was not. Very strange place though. Although the lodge was close to empty they squeezed us into a two bedroom house with extra mattresses on the floor. We had to call several times to get things like towels and toilet paper.Botswana8_08

The restaurant was big and beautiful, the staff was very nice – but the place was almost empty and the food a bit strange.


Leaving the next morning (we did not try the breakfast…) we found enclosures with Wilddogs and this beautiful pair of Kalahari Lions. My guess is Tautona was built with high ambitions but that it is now run by someone who can’t handle it. Too bad.Botswana9_02

On the road we passed a large number of cyclists. We found out why when we reached the border post into Namibia.Botswana9_03

They were biking Kairo to Cape Town, 12 000 km in 121 days! Some challenge!Botswana9_04

We found Gobabis to be a surprisingly nice little town. Holiday and most was closed but we got a decent lunch at Wimpys…Botswana9_05

…and after fuel and some real Namibian service with window and headlight cleaning (they don’t do that in Botswana…) we were ready for the final part back to Windhoek. Nine days of adventure was over. It was a very nice trip and I can recommend anyone to do it!

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