Friends from Namibia in Sweden

When I came to Namibia we were a team of six Swedish controllers working. Visiting Sweden made it possible to see some of them again. I met Johan Timius briefly during my visit at the Malmö Centre.


One evening we were invited to a beatuiful and very old house belonging to Eva and Ben (Binge). A nice summer evening with fish casserole and a good wine.Namibians02

It was a long and very pleasant evening…


As we were in Stockholm there was a small “window of opportunity”. Can you come to the city centre Friday afternoon? Yes, they could! Above Camilla and Marie are catching up.Namibians04

The old training team – me and Tanja.Namibians05

Fredrik in a classic look…  😉Namibians06

Daniel thinking of another round of golf at the Country Club…Namibians07

And all those girls…Namibians08

It was great seeing you again. Thanks for taking your time!

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