Tsauchab River Camp

Lets go camping a weekend! Like 21-23 June. We did leave Windhoek a bit too late and had some 260 km ahead of us, via B1 to Rehoboth, right turn onto C24, D1206 and D854 to Tsauchab River Camp. The last one and a half hour was driving in the dark; luckily we only saw a few Jackals and rabbits…


We did arrive late, but with a full moon it was easy to quickly get the tent up and have some food cooking and then enjoy the evening in good company.Tsauchab02

The Tsauchab River Camp is a bit unusual in many ways. It is run by a young couple, Nicky and Johan Steyn. They have three girls and since there was not really any schools nearby they decided to build their own and employ a teacher.Tsauchab03

Hanna was quite impressed. Hmm… having your own school for yourself and your two sisters. Not bad!Tsauchab04

The camping here is also a bit unusual, but in a very nice way. This tree is a bathroom.Tsauchab05

To the left a basin, and to the right…Tsauchab06

…a shower. Mirrors, hot and cold water. What more can you ask for?


Oh, of course. A loo with a view and lots of fresh air!

We had plenty of room for four cars, tents, tables and everything else.

A tree made for climbing…Tsauchab09

…so we did not see much of the girls.


The kitchen area is very well equipped. Above one way of getting your morning toast, below another.Tsauchab12 Tsauchab13

Here is the second evening. Time for a braii…Tsauchab14

…under another nice  full-moon evening at Tsauchab River Camp. Very much worth a visit!

(Next post will tell you about what you can, but should not, do here…)

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