Etosha weekend – Saturday

Last weekend, and “on the spur of the moment” I booked two nights in Etosha, took the car and left Windhoek just before lunch Saturday.


I quickly checked in at Okaukuejo and then hit the road again to make use of the last half-hour before sun-set. Lions are of course always on the wishing-list so I headed north towards Okondeka. Everyone else sees lions there. I saw lots of Zebras…Etosha_0503_004

…a Kori bustard (world’s heaviest bird that can fly!)…Etosha_0503_006

…more Zebras, beautiful in the low sun-light…Etosha_0503_008

…a Blackbacked Jackal…Etosha_0503_009

…and Springbok. But the sun was really low. Time to head back! By mistake I took the road towards Leeubron and soon after passing that the sun passed the horizon and…Etosha_0503_010

…I met these three! A female, an old and a young male.

The King…Etosha_0503_013

…the Queen…Etosha_0503_014

…and the Prince. Three metres from my open car window, looking me straight in the eyes.Etosha_0503_015

This Lappet-faced Vulture (?) seemed to know that Lions means food for him as well.Etosha_0503_016

Just another hundred metres away I found these ladies…Etosha_0503_019

…not caring much about the car approaching in the dark…Etosha_0503_020

…just playing around as if I wasn’t there.Etosha_0503_022

This male passed by with a plastic bottle in his mouth. And I rushed home to Okaukuejo, finding closed gates but finally one place to sneak in. Good start on my Etosha weekend!

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7 Responses to Etosha weekend – Saturday

  1. Otroligt fina bilder och intressant läsning, Anders!

  2. Maureen Thylén says:

    Lucky you took the wrong turn, Anders! Superb photography and exciting reading. Thankyou!!

  3. Hej!
    Vi hittade din blogg genom en blogg som Clas har skrivit och du har gjort ett par kommentarer. Vi flyger till Namibia i början på juli och ska vara där cirka fem veckor. Vi kommer att cykla och tälta för det mesta, men även förflyta oss med buss eller lifta.
    Vi skulle vilja ställa ett par frågor om Namibia och vi undrar om det ok för dig.
    Med vänlig hälsning
    Daniella och Bogdan

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