Cape Town – Canal Walk

Coming down from the mountain we took a taxi to a place called “Canal Walk” on special request from my oldest daughter. She was going shopping, shopping, shopping…


On the mall we met friends. Last year Hanna’s best friend in school was Robyn. She has now moved to Cape Town and us visiting was also a chance for Hanna to meet her friend. Robyn and her mother came to pick her up…CanalWalk02

…and the girls were really happy and looked forward to one long afternoon together!CanalWalk03

Meanwhile the rest of us went out in the world of capitalism…CanalWalk04

Canal Walk is an amazing shopping center. It is absolutely huge…


…with all the things Saga can’t find in Windhoek.CanalWalk06

It is built in some kind of old-fashioned style…CanalWalk07

…and I found it hard to decide. Is this beautiful, nice, ugly…


…or perhaps just very strange?CanalWalk08

We spent more than six hours here…

…and yes, there were things in the bags as we returned to our guest house…

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