Cape Town – Table Mountain

The Namibia Independence Day is 21 March and of course a National Holiday. This year we used our independence, left Namibia and flew to Cape Town, South Africa.


Cape Town can be seen on the 3D-model above. With a view from the north you see the harbor, then the city and then the Table Mountain. A good start on a Cape Town visit is to go up the Table Mountain to get the overview. We took a taxi early in the morning. The taxi is a good idea because there are not many parking areas and early is a good idea to get away from the crowd.


The cable to the table is a steep journey up the high mountain.TableMountain03

Yes, there are a few buildings. You can eat, drink and shop but that is not why you are here…TableMountain04

So enjoy it! Especially if you are as lucky as we were. Light winds and no clouds.TableMountain05

It gets no better on the roof of Africa!TableMountain05b

To the left is “the Lions Head” and the houses are on “Sea Point”. In the background “Robben Island”TableMountain05c

To the left is “Signal Hll” and behind it “Cape Town Stadium”.


There are also small views. The top is full of interesting plants and beautiful flowers.TableMountain07

A panoramic view that you can click on to see a larger version.TableMountain08

Saga on one of her favourite “dangerous spots”…TableMountain09

…and Hanna on hers. Even this good moment in life had to come to an end though so…TableMountain10 was time to go down again and find the next thing to experience in wonderful Cape Town.

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  2. Sean Creighton says:

    Hey, I was wondering where the 3D scale model of Table Mountain is (the first image on this page.


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