Critical Element 3; State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions

The third of the eight critical elements of a State’s safety oversight system is:

CE-3. State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions. The establishment of a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and/or other relevant authorities or government agencies, headed by a Chief Executive Officer, supported by the appropriate and adequate technical and non-technical staff and provided with adequate financial resources. The State authority must have stated safety regulatory functions, objectives and safety policies.

Note. – The term “State civil aviation system” is used in a generic sense to include all authorities with aviation safety oversight responsibility which may be established by the State as separate entities, such as: CAA, Airport Authorities, Air Traffic Service Authorities, Accident Investigation Authority, and Meteorological Authority. (ICAO Doc 9734)

In ICAO Doc 9734 you can find this example of the organizational structure of a State civil aviation system:



Namibia Directorate of Civil Aviation
In Namibia there is a DCA, organised under the Ministry of Works, Transport and Comminications.


The Namibia DCA is headed by a Director; Ms Angeline Simana Paulo. The Directorate consist of three Divisions:

  • Division Aviation, Administration and Navigation responsible for the service provision of Air Navigation services including Air Traffic Services, Search and Rescue, Aeronautical Information and CNS; Communication, Navigation and Surveillance.


The Division AAN is headed by Mr Tobias Gunzel

  • Division Flight Safety and Security responsible for the Safety Oversight of the aviation sector in Namibia including the abovementioned ANS.
  • Division Meteorological Services

Aircraft Accident and Incidence Investigation has been separated from the Directorate of Civil Aviation to ensure independent investigation and the Director Aircraft Accident Investigation reports directly to the Minister of Works, Transport and Communication.

One of the problems within the present DCA is that the organisation is in-complete. Several posts are vacant, including the Chief of  Division Flight Safety and Security. There are also important organisational parts missing, such as an oversight function for the Air Navigation Services.

Namibia Civil Aviation Authority
Already ten years ago, in 2003, the Namibian Cabinet approved the establishment of the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). There is a project team busy with the preparation of the required documentation for the establishment of the NCAA. One of the most important parts for the establishment of a CAA is the new Air Law that ICAO legal expert Peter O’Brien has produced.

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