Critical Element 4; Technical personnel qualification and training.

The fourth of the eight critical elements of a State’s safety oversight system is:

CE-4. Technical personnel qualification and training. The establishment of minimum knowledge and experience requirements for the technical personnel performing safety oversight functions and the provision of appropriate training to maintain and enhance their competence at the desired level. The training should include initial and recurrent (periodic) training. (ICAO Doc 9734)

The satisfactory execution of the various functions of the DCA depends to a large extent on the inspectors’ capability. ICAO puts it like this; “Ideally, technical personnel should be at least as qualified as the personnel to be inspected or supervised”.

One of the main tasks for the ICAO staff in Namibia is to assist in this field; with the recruitment and training of the staff at DCA involved in safety oversight.

Within DCA there are inspectors and other staff in different areas. Some of these are:

Flight Operations


Inspector Onesmus Kaukungwa

KangootuiInspector Zack Kangootui

Air Worthiness


Inspector Daniel Matengu


Inspector Peterson Tjitemisa


Inspector Isak Hamunyela



Acting Chief Inspector Julian Gouws


Inspector Chrizelda George

Personnel Licensing


Inspector Grame van Niekerk


Chief Clerk Chris Meroro

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