Düsternbrook Cats

It was December 27 and we drove just 40 km north of Windhoek.


With the recent rain there was actually water in the river.2702

Düsternbrook farm is the oldest guest farm in Namibia. We were there to see cats.2704

Cheetah against green.2707

A beautiful cat!2709

And our driver had some meat to throw…2710

…to make these cats give us a show.2713

Next cat was bigger but also looked hungry…2714

…and something caught his attention!2716

The Leopard loves a tree…2718

…and moves up and down at incredible speed.2720

Again our driver had pieces of meat to give us a show.2722

That’s another beautiful cat! A visit to Düsternbrook is a great opportunity to get fine photos of these big cats.2725

Driving through the surrounding forest we also saw Baboons.2726

This river had us turn around but there was a detour with less water. If you are driving here in the rainy season you may want to check the situation on the road before driving…

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