Christmas Day at Frans Indongo Lodge

How to find your way from Etosha to Otjiwaringo?


It’s easy – don’t turn! 2503

We arrived at the Frans Indongo Lodge early. This was our third visit! We were here April and November 2012.2504

Lunch-time – Christopher, Kjell, Hanna, Marie, Alexander, Jeanette, Alina, Saga and Maria.2509

Soon after lunch time for the long awaited “Christmas Gift Game”!2511

For a few of us a game drive. 2517

After good rains the animals keep away, hidden in all that green. The “clown of the savannah”; the Black Wildebeest did however turn up!2520


The Helmeted Guinea Fowl2522

Grey Lourie?


Lilac-breasted Roller2525

Cape Griffon Vulture?


Mountain Zebra2527

I have finally decided this is a Red-Crested Korhaan!



Horn Bill2530

Roan Antelope2531

Sunset seen from the lodge2533

Christmas dinner to end another fine day!

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