Etosha weekend – Sunday afternoon

Outside Namutoni is a waterhole called “Klein Namutoni”. It is a great place if you like Giraffe!


And I do!Etosha_0504_045


Giraffes are sort of “cool” animals. They are looking down on the rest of us with…Etosha_0504_048

…kind interest… Etosha_0504_049

…and with a great sense of humor. I think.Etosha_0504_051

Next to that waterhole is a nice “Dikdik Drive”. The Dikdik is some contrast to the Giraffe. An antelope 30-40 cm at shoulder weighing 3-6 kg. Cute!

Namibias National symbol, the Oryx or Gemsbok, is a powerful animal. Those horns are deadly weapons and an Oryx may even kill a Lion.Etosha_0504_056

At the end of the day I went to Kalkheuwel Waterhole hoping for “sunset action”. I waited a long time without a sign of life until I noticed this Hyena watching me just a few metres away. He quickly disappeared…Etosha_0504_058

…but turned up again at the other side of the waterhole. Unless it was another Hyena?Etosha_0504_060

As the sun reached the horizon these Zebras came to drink. Unfortunately it was now time for me to return and whatever action was coming had to be unobserved that evening…Etosha_0504_062

Namutoni does have its restaurant nicely located. The food is very expensive, not very good but its nice to sit here…Etosha_0504_063

…or to climb the tower to look at the view and the stars. But not too late, there is another early morning waiting.

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