Hakos – the astro guest farm

Last weekend we went to Hakos, a guest farm some 140 km southwest of Windhoek.

The farm is beautifully situated with the Hakos mountains in the background.

View from the farm.

This is not a very luxurious lodge but your stay here will be very comfortable. Here we are having a sundowner…

…as the sun is setting…

…behind the mountains.

At Hakos all guests are eating at the same table. It gives you the feeling of being a guest in someones home and it also makes conversations interesting and you can meet some nice people.

The main reason for going to Hakos is of course stargazing. This is the “home” of the International Amateur Observatory (IAS).

The IAS and it’s members have a lot of equipment on Hakos farm. This is as close as you get to a perfect place for looking towards the sky in night-time. The sky is clear, there is no artificial light and very seldom clouds.

The farm also have its own equipment and as a beginner in the art of stargazing you can get a guided tour to the sky and a chance to use a telescope to see more details.

We enjoyed our stay at Hakos. Waltraud was a friendly and caring host and we did have some very nice moments getting to know the southern sky with its stars.

Hakos is also a very good starting point to explore the Gamsberg. (More on that later…)

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  2. Aprilia says:

    when is the right time to visit?

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