Hanna farewell party


For the last time; we had prepared No 2 Kiekebusch for a party. Walls covered with pictures from Hanna’s almost 4 years in Namibia.Farewell_02

Guests arrive…Farewell_03

…and games are played.Farewell_04

Dancing time, and…Farewell_05

…while dad is flipping hamburgers…Farewell_06

…kids get in their swimming costumes…Farewell_07

…and things get a bit wet…Farewell_08

…and somewhat wild, which seemed…’


…to suit some guests well!Farewell_10

Someone forgot his swimming trunks.Farewell_11

Dinner is served, and then…Farewell_12

…it is “masks on”…Farewell_13

…and why not a big smile…Farewell_14

…eeeh, yeah – a big smile!Farewell_15

Kids were nice, Hanna won the price for best mask!Farewell_16

Isn’t that a pretty cake!?Farewell_17

Even as I am writing this, these three girls are giggling and playing Monopoly.

It was a good farewell party! Thanks to all the nice kids who came to say farewell…

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One Response to Hanna farewell party

  1. jocke bruzell says:

    alltid lika trevligt att ta del av livet i Namibia.
    vart tar Du vägen nu?
    undrar jockeb

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