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One of the categories in this blog is “History section“.

Before even coming to Namibia I wrote a series of posts dealing with my “air traffic control career” up to that point. If you missed them here is a summary:

It all started in 1979

A post on my first days in military and air traffic control training

Summer of 1980

That fantastic summer… Air traffic control, lots of flying, grilled chicken and wine…

My first job – F6 Karlsborg

I guess you never forget your first job. Ans mine was great!

Officer’s training in 1983

On how a became an officer and a gentleman, and got some really nice flying!

Next stop – F7 Såtenäs

I was not hear for a long time, but it was good days and I am really glad for them.

Back to school – FFL, Ljungbyhed 1984

Only 23 years old and already a teacher in ATC.

Oldest in the world – F5 1985

Some of my best controlling years began already in 1985. Miss you F5!

More from F5…

Just a few photos from that greatest of airports!

Teaching again – 1995

On how hi-tech changed and improved ATC training.

My native airport – F10 Ängelholm

I’m so glad I got that time in my hometown airport tower. It was a challenging tower in many ways. I learned a lot about air traffic control there…

In the customer’s office

More controllers should do this. See the job done from the other side.

Even more school job

It seems I am not able to get out of the training side of this job…

Area controller

Can you learn an old dog to sit?

Customer relations

Getting pilots and controllers to know more about one other’s job is a good and interesting work.


I seem to get involved with cats in my life. This is one I like…

WS – Watch Supervisor

The last part in this section is about the last six years in Sweden. Being a Watch Supervisor is interesting, fun and demanding.

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