Holiday in Sweden – 4. F10 Museum

I visited our local museum.

Childhood memories. The “flying barrel” flew over me when I was a kid.

The “Agusta Bell” is a real classic. I was working in the tower when it made it’s last flights over Ängelholm. If you visit the museum, don’t miss to look at the “pilots” flying this helicopter and their name tags…

And so the aircraft that will always be the most characteristic aircraft for this old Air Force Wing – the J35 Draken.

Next to it is this old simulator, now with an added possibility to look out. Did I want to try it?

A short briefing and then I jumped in. Throttle to full, a little more pressure to engage the after-burner, wait for speed, stick back, rotate, gear in… Wow! I did two flights and even managed to do two decent landings. Fun, fun fun!

When I worked the tower of this airport this machine was brand new. Now I find it in a museum. Time flies…

But a museum about aviation is not only aircraft. This is an environment that is familiar. The “cold war” stayed cold but had it been hot this (a Commando Centre on a war-time airfield) is where I would have been…

…or here (a mobile air traffic control tower for a similar airfield).

The museum at Ängelholm Airport is very much worth a visit!


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