IWAN-camping at Ongeama

Last weekend IWAN had a year-end activity.


This weekend was organised by Des, to the left in the picture above. Well done Des!


We were hosted by Steve above on his farm Ongeama, south-west of Okahandja. Thanks a lot Steve!Ongeama03

Some of us arrived already on Friday to enjoy a marvellous sun-downer outside Steve’s home. Hanna and her friend Mushili found their own spot.


After the sun set we drove down to the camping area for dinner.


An evening around the fire-place with lots of laughter.


The camping area is beautifully situated next to a dry river-bed.


One fine moon-lit evening!


Saturday saw more guests arriving.


Everyone brought snacks for a very long lunch…


…that involved some serious singing of a number of Swedish Snaps-songs, for the occasion quickly translated into some sort of English.


The children found their own activities. Hanna and Mushili spent almost all day keeping this fire burning…


…while other children enjoyed water games. 


Saturday evening was a braii evening with people making new friends and later gathering around the fire-place. Des and Steve rounded up and we could all give them that big hand.Ongeama14

A long evening where most of the worlds problem were solved but there was also a lot of singing from countries around the world. Ever so nice!


After breakfast and packing I found the opportunity to do some very nice driving in the river bed.


Thanks Steve for letting us spend these fine days on your lovely Ongeama!

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