Kolmanskop 9: Single quarters

The next two houses after the quarter masters’s house are the two “single quarters”.

This was the houses for the single German men. Looking at the houses from this side they seem quite all right.

But on the other side sand has been building up.

Look! A door was left open, welcoming sand and welcoming me!

Inside there is a lot of rooms. Most of them are more or less filled with sand.

An example of “more”…

Think the sand away and let the beer stay. Quite nice single quarters…

Swedish colours…

Moving from room to room can be quite challenging…

Fancy living in the middle of a desert. Diamonds paying it…

Can’t help loving it. The walls, the mirror door and then all that sand. Surreal!


Is it OK if I take the room to the right?

Nice detail.

The rooms are in all kinds of colours and very nicely decorated. I wonder if there is any furniture below all that sand?

Well, I found this…

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