Unfortunately staff is leaving the ICAO Project.

I picked up Captain Nduati Njama on the airport 1 October 2013 as he arrived in Namibia. He quickly became highly appreciated for his qualifications, hard work and nice personality.

Just before Christmas, and after a little bit more than a year in Namibai it was time for Captain Njama to return to Kenya. Vicky gave him a hat and an Ovambo shirt as farewell gifts. Captain, you are missed by many!

In December 2013 the ANS Safety Oversight Expert Adrian Dumsa arrived and immediately started working, initially with two main tasks. One was to draft new regulations for Air Navigation Services. Namibia now has got a series of regulations within all fields of ANS, just awaiting promulgation. The other task was to write a strategy document for the creation of an ANS Safety Oversight function for the DCA. Adrian started working according to this strategy and you can see some of the result here.


Unfortunately, Adrian decided to end his ICAO contract…ANSSO_End_02

…and although he worked hard to the end…


…the day came for the farewell lunch, this time at Kubata…ANSSO_End_04

…with a speech by the ICAO Project Coordinator and others…ANSSO_End_05

…and a few laughs.ANSSO_End_06

With no ICAO ANS Safety Oversight Expert around the creation of the new office will pause and above you see the inspectors packing it down.ANSSO_End_07

Adrian, you are leaving a big empty place in Namibia!

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