My native airport – F10 Ängelholm

In 1998 the military flying school at Ljungbyhed was closed and the training moved to another airport – Air Force Wing no 10 in Ängelholm, which is the town where I was born. I moved along and found myself working in a tower serving an airport more complex than anything I met before.

F10 in Ängelholm had many “customers”:

  • Air Force flying school flying the SAAB 105 / SK60
  • A fighter squadron flying the J35J SAAB Draken/Dragon, later replaced with the JAS39 SAAB Gripen/Griffin
  • An attack/fighter/reconnaissance squadron flying the AJS 37 SAAB Viggen
  • SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) flying domestic flights to Stockholm some 8 flights a day with MD80 and B737.
  • …and another domestic airline, business jets, VFR traffic etc.

SAS MD80 just landed, jet trainers taxiing…

…and two Viggen fighters.

Our job in the tower was to combine these rather incompatible operators in an orderly manner using two crossing runways.

I only stayed in Ängelholm for a few years but during that time I had some of the most challenging controller experiences of my career.

In the customers office

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  1. Joakim Svensson says:

    Hello! Do you have more pitchers from F10 in Ängelholm? I like them!

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