Old DCA – the western part…

Very close to the braai area, in the western part of the DCA, was a group of small buildings that surrounded an open area.


In this little house you found the legal experts.

For a short time pretty Maria worked here…DCA_L03

…in the large room with Ms Hilma Hittula…DCA_L04

…while you found ICAO Legal expert Peter O’Brien in the smaller room.DCA_W01

Then came another three similar buildings.DCA_W02

First a storage room…DCA_W03

…then a building marked “Reception” so I guess it had such a function earlier?DCA_W04

The last years you found Air Worthiness staff in the Reception building, like Airworthiness Inspector Ananias Shiweda.


And finally the board room! Used for many purposes…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here an ICAO meeting with Project Coordinator Alfonso Escobar, ATC experts Johan Timius and Tanja Cantell and Airworthiness expert Maimuna Taal Ndure…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…ATC expert Ben Hallberg, Legal expert Peter O’Brien, Aerodrome expert Jossie Swiegers and ATC experts Peter Berglund and Fredrik Elfström.DCA_W08

Here you see James Danga from the COSCAP-SADC Project giving training in the ICAO CMA concept.DCA_W09

Here is ICAO Montreal project evaluation in 2013; Carlos Mendez, Nancy Onyedim and Christian Bechtold.DCA_W10

At other times the board room was simply Zack’s office.DCA_W11

The DCA Board room was the last building to fall in this western area.DCA_W12

Today we only have a few photos and the memories…

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