Old DCA – gate, guard and braai…

There were three gates into the old DCA area.


During my time here only the one seen above was used. I remember when a company checked the entrance and I remember one of the guards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Johanna was studying IT but had no computer until she got one from Ben. She was very happy!DCA12

We did not see Johanna for a long time but then she came for a visit. With this pretty baby!DCA13

Very close to the gate was a small car park. To the right a building with offices for Flight Operations and in between…DCA14

…this convenient party area. We had a few parties here. Tables and benches, a braai and a small area big enough for dance. What more do you need?DCA15

Sunset, friends and a drink…

…will go a long way!DCA17

At the end the area became quite overgrown and we never got around to that final party. Now it is too late…

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