Rostock Ritz & Westair Fly In 2013

I spent last weekend in the desert. We left Windhoek Friday and drove 230 km to the Rostock Ritz lodge. We arrived in good time for a nice dinner and…


…some stargazing. The Milky Way looks nice from the Southern Hemisphere.


Saturday. Rostock Ritz is running a Meerkat Project to move domesticated Meekats back into nature. This gives you great opportunities to see these charming creatures up close.


This is a beautiful place and down there to the right is an airport.RostockRitz04

Preparations for the flying competition. Standing up is Kücki, the host of the show and Micha, the Air Traffic Controller making sure flying around the field is well organized and safe.RostockRitz05

With a desert airport, watering is essential to keep the dust on the ground, at least to some extent…RostockRitz06

The “tower” is up and running so the show can begin. In later posts I will show you more photos of the aircraft…

After a long day of navigation, solving artful riddles and trying to land the aircraft “on the spot” people gathered…RostockRitz08

…as the last aircraft landed…RostockRitz09

…and it was time for a sun-downer before…RostockRitz10

…relocating to the lodge for the final dinner. Above Peter from the sponsoring Westair, Heidi and Micha who kept track of the results and Kücki as the host.RostockRitz11

Some of the lucky receivers of rewards and diplomas with the overall winner Mattias to the far right.RostockRitz12

The lights were on in  the lodge until late.RostockRitz13

Sunday was a day for getting home and we took a small detour via Solitaire for the coffee but also for the beautiful views of nature…RostockRitz14

…and its inhabitants such as this Oryx or… RostockRitz15

…this admirable Italian on his bike. He had been on it for two and a half months, starting in Cape Town, pedalling through Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. He stayed one night at Rostock Ritz and was now heading back to Cape Town. Some achievement!RostockRitz16

At the top of Spreetshoogte Pass you get a stunning view of this remarkable landscape where you find Rostock Ritz very convenient providing all the comfort you need. See you there next year!

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