Spitzkoppe Rock Pool

Last in bed and first up! This is the reward!


Darkness is gone, towards the coast is the morning fog while the sun is still below the horizon.


As the sun climbs it is slowly illuminating that far away mountan…


…until it glows like it is on fire.


Turning around, looking east, catching the first rays of the sun…Rockpool05

…while my camping companions are still asleep in their tents…Rockpool06

…so my only company as I clean up after last nights dinner is this black and orange bird. After a while we are however all up, have breakfast and start exploring the area…Rockpool07

…and soon find this rock pool.Rockpool08


Really nice!Rockpool10

I wish all ICAO meetings were like this…Rockpool11

…surrounded by jewelry-looking tadpoles…Rockpool12

…gloweringly red dragonflies…


…and hidden lizards. Or maybe they are!   Rockpool14

This was a really nice spot so we simply stayed…Rockpool15

…resting, sunbathing, waterbathing…Rockpool16

…and catching tadpoles!Rockpool17

Some place! Spitzkoppe in the background and “our” rock pool bottom left. I tolk a walk over those “ginger-cookie-doe mountains”…Rockpool18

…to enjoy the views over a desert green with recent rain, and with nature…Rockpool19

…taking all opportunities given by that rare rain.Rockpool20

Spitzkoppe is a very special place!

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