Summer of 1980

At the end of my time in Ljungbyhed the class was enlarged. Another 9 students arrived, all of them with a background as assistant controllers.

During that summer we trained for war-time ATC.

We also learned about flying. During that magnificent summer of 1980 we spent half day in the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and half day in the ATC simulator.

Life could not have been better.

Since I was a glider pilot already my flying instructor thought it wise to give me an aerobatic training as well.

Thank You Gösta Boberg!

In case you end up in the sea it is good to know how you will be rescued. Winch up to the Agusta Bell 204 (HKP3). Actually, I think it’s me hanging there.

To take part in the training on the war-time air-bases we also got a few hours of flying in the Swedish twin-jet SAAB 105 or SK 60.

Training ends 1981

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2 Responses to Summer of 1980

  1. Johan T says:

    När du sitter och rattar den där flygmaskinen, vad använder du då duschslangen till? =)

  2. Anders says:

    Det blev svettigt efter ett tag…

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