Sunday lunch at N/a’an ku sê

After a lazy Sunday morning we left Windhoek towards the airport and soon turned left. Good gravel roads were bringing us to N/a’an ku sê.


Although we are still waiting for the real rains it is already surprisingly and beautifully green. Here a few Springboks…Naankuse02

…and here a Kudu bull.Naankuse03

The lodge at N/a’an ku sê is beautiful. Naankuse04

Sometime I will come here with a book and lots of time… Naankuse05

…but this day was not for reading but for eating. The lunch buffé at N/a’an ku sê is magnificent…Naankuse06

…and we enjoyed it to the extent that we had a problems giving full justice to…Naankuse07

…the table of desserts.Naankuse08

Excellent food and very friendly staff. You could be much worse off than having a lunch at N/a’an ku sê…


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