To the south – Day 1 – to Sesriem

Monday, the last day of June, and the Pajero was packed to its limit…

0630_01 - Copy

…as we were heading south for a five days tour…0630_06 - Copy

…that started through the meandering Gamsberg Pass0630_08 - Copy

…down to the desert (with one flat tire on the way) and to…0630_12 - Copy

…the Rostock Ritz for a really nice lunch.0630_13 - Copy

The road from Rostock Ritz and south is one of my favourites. The landscape and its colours – amazing!0630_15 - Copy

Ostrich0630_17 - Copy

And “Welcome to Solitaire” for a fuel stop.0630_20 - Copy

Solitaire is a special place with a nice “Wild West atmosphere”.0630_23 - Copy

Soon we reached Sesriem and continued into the park towards Sossusvlei. Low sun and magnificent red dunes…0630_25 - Copy

…or silhouettes in shades of grey.

0630_26 - Copy

Most of the dunes are pure sand but some are “real mountains” covered in sand.0630_28 - Copy

The girls first up on a dune.0630_29

Björn, Amanda, Dan, Saga, Hanna and Marie…0630_38

…and the red dune in a light breeze.0630_40

The gymnast…0630_41

…and a passing bird.0630_42

We returned late to check in at the excellent Sossus Dune Lodge with its 25 chalets all overlooking the desert.

A nice meal to end a long but rewarding day.

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