Quick Etosha visit

On our way to Onkoshi we saw a few animals…


…like a beautiful Kudu family…Etosha_Q02

…and a tall giraffe with even taller palms.Etosha_Q03

For the first time I saw that the Kori bustard (the heaviest animal capable of flying) can actually fly. Too slow with my camera I only captured it after the flight but you can see that it is still not back to ground configuration…Etosha_Q04

…until here!Etosha_Q05

Guess what this is!    🙂


The Steenbok is a very small antelope, only half a meter at the shoulder.


The next day, leaving Onkoshi, I finally got a picture of a flying Kori bustard!Etosha_Q08

The eastern part of Etosha has some water and here we saw Flamingos…Etosha_Q09

…and a Lilac-breasted Roller.Etosha_Q10

At the Chudop waterhole we saw another beautiful Kudu family…Etosha_Q11

…and this large Kudu bull.Etosha_Q12

Its not that often you see the animals running but here is a black-faced Impala and a Kudu…

…a young Kudu male…Etosha_Q14

…a Kudu and two Impalas…Etosha_Q15

…and the two Impalas again.Etosha_Q16

An odd pair, still with something in common I think.Etosha_Q17

A group of Sprinbok far out on the Pan…Etosha_Q18

…and a group of Impalas hidden among the trees. Even a qiock visit to Etosha is rewarding!

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6 Responses to Quick Etosha visit

  1. Jan Weiss says:

    Great photos–the animals are always spectacular and you have such a great eye for your photos. I am sure it was a fun time for all.

  2. tim says:

    We had a Korrie bustard for christmas once instead of a turkey – delicious

  3. Peter Larsson says:

    Went through your trips and I´m impressed over all the excellent photos, of the nature, birds and animals.

    See you tomorrow Anders, taking next flight to Windhoek after all your wonderful pictures.

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