To the south – Day 2b – Dead Vlei

From the dune I could see Saga, Amanda, Björn and Dan.


Let’s go down! 0701_29

Marie on the Vlei…0701_30

…the white clay pan near Sossusvlei.0701_32

Hanna and Saga…0701_35

…and a white clay heart.0701_37

This pan was formed a long time ago as the Tsauchab river flooded. Temporary pools of water allowed camel thorn trees to grow.


Some 900 years ago sand dunes stopped the water from the river and drought made it impossible for the trees to survive. These blackened and very dry remains are 900 years old! Here visited by a modern technical device.


Dan and his drone…0701_45

…capturing interesting views of the Vlei.0701_48

It is a very special place…0701_49

…well worth a visit…

…and apart from the temperature we totally enjoyed it!0701_52

Time for us to move on…0701_57

…as the newcomers started their climb up the highest sand dune in the world.


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7 Responses to To the south – Day 2b – Dead Vlei

  1. Kimme Rosenqvist says:

    WOW vilka bilder man knappt tror e verkliga…..
    Synd du inte hade någon av dessa med i fototävlingen 🙁

  2. Jan Weiss says:

    Your pictures are amazing–you have such a good eye for spectacular photos. Perhaps when you are ready to change careers, you can work for National Geographic. I will definitely endorse you.

  3. Anna Sternfeldt says:

    Du är ju fasiken en urproffsig fotograf! Bra vyer och en bra kamera hjälper gör väl sitt, men oh, vilka foton! Du har ju gjort mig såld på Namibia nu!

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